Horizon Projects


Project name: Demonstration and mainstrEaming of nature-based Solutions for clImate Resilient transformation in the MEDiterranean (No. 101112972)
Title in Croatian: Demonstracija i uključivanje rješenja utemeljenih na prirodi za transformaciju Mediterana u prostor otporan na klimatske promjene - DesirMED (No. 101112972)
(Research and Innovation actions in support of the implementation of the Adaptation to Climate Change Mission)
Topic:  HORIZON-MISS-2022-CLIMA-01-06
Duration: 60 mjeseci, January 2024. - December 2028.
Web pages (Eng): In progress
Web pages (Cro): In progress
Coordionator: Fondazione Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici, Italy
FGAG's role: Project partner
Project summary: Climate change is an increasing threat at European and global scale affecting social stability, public health, and well-being. The Mediterranean has been recognized as a climate change hotspot and is among the least economically developed of the main EEA biogeographical regions. Adapting to climate change demands requires a radical shift from piecemeal to transformative strategies and approaches, supporting policy development at all levels and advancing transversal and multilevel governance solutions. Naturebased solutions to preserve and restore ecosystems, increase climate resilience, sustainably manage the environment, while providing wider long-term socioeconomic benefits, are at the heart of the CCA Mission Adaptation Plan objective to support at least 150 European regions and communities to become climate resilient by 2030 and a main EU Green Deal pillar.

In DesirMED, nature-based solutions will be prioritized, together with innovative technologies and inclusive social practices. DesirMED will increase ambition, ownership and capability of regional Mediterranean leaders and communities through proven transformative climate change cdaptation approaches. Recognising that successful adaptation generally occurs at local and regional levels, DesirMED involves a multilevel set of actors in 5 Demonstrating regions and 3 Replicating Regions working hand-in-hand with scientific partners to foster holistic approaches to implement transformative adaptation. DesirMED, by engaging at the regional level key institutions in a multi-level governance framework, will act as a catalyser to trigger and accelerate the necessary action in key community systems. Overall, DesirMED will strengthen knowledge and capabilities of Mediterranean regions and communities to take leadership and ownership in their transformative climate change adaptation pathways and accelerate the implementation of transformative solutions required to increase their resilience over the long term.