Undergraduate Professional Study of Civil Engineering


Professional Study of Civil Engineering is carried out at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy of the University of Split and lasts for three academic years (six semesters).

Upon the completion of Professional Study of Civil Engineering a professional Bachelor's degree (baccalareus/baccalaurea) in Civil Engineering is awarded.

Professional Study of Civil Engineering provides students with an adequate level of knowledge and skills which qualify them for performing professional tasks and enables them to enter the work process.

A professional Bachelor of Civil Engineering acquires the knowledge which enables him/her to perform the following jobs and tasks:

  • collaboration in the elaboration of simple projects, especially of the graphical parts of a project, parts of reinforcement plans and workshop drawings, formwork plans, and cost estimate
  • independent management of less complex construction sites
  • management of smaller production plants
  • auxiliary work in the process of managing complex construction sites
  • auxiliary work in the process of performing extensive construction works
  • planning a construction site of less complex structures
  • management of minor construction investments
  • maintenance of structures and systems.

Organisation of Study

Professional Study of Civil Engineering is carried out at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy of the University of Split.

The Curriculum is comprised of compulsory and elective courses.

The Curriculum is adjusted to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).



Course Information Sheet for the actual academic year

Lecturer Course Code Hours ECTS
I. Semester
S. Pavasović Mathematics GAB021 60+60 9,0
V. Kozulić Technical Mechanics I GAD021 30+45 7,0
M. Vulević Basics of Engineering Informatics I GAB022 15+45 4,0
T. Duplančić-Leder Geodesy GAF021 30+30 5,0
D. Žižić Building Elements I GAM021 30+30 5,0
II. Semester
L. Petričević Building Elements II GAM022 30+30 5,0
N. Živaljić Building Physics GAM023 15+15 2,0
M. Andrić /N. Lovričević Descriptive Geometry GAC021 30+30 5,0
V. Kozulić Technical Mechanics II GAD022 30+45 7,0
S. Juradin Building Materials GAN021 30+30 6,0
V. Denić-Jukić Hidrology GAI021 30+30 5,0
III. Semester
I. Balić, H. Smoljanović Designing and Analysing Structures by Computer GAO121 15+45 5,0
K. Rogulj Construction Technology GAL121 30+30 5,0
P. Miščević, N. Štambuk Cvitanović Soil Mechanics and Foundations GAG021 30+30 5,0
D. Cvitanić, D. Breški Roads GAF121 30+30 5,0
I. Andrić Water Supply and Sewerage System GAJ121 30+30 5,0
M. Sunara, I. Banović Concrete Structures I GAE121 45+15 5,0
IV. Semester
N. Grgić, M. Nikolić Concrete Structures II GAE122 30+45 6,0
H. Smoljanović, I. Balić Masonry Structures GAO122 30+30 5,0
I. Boko Metal Structures GAP122 30+30 5,0
D. Bojanić Basics of Water Engineering GAH121 30+30 5,0
T. Vlahović, G. Vlastelica Engineering Geology and Earthworks GAG022 30+15 4,0
N. Torić Timber Structures GAP121 30+30 5,0
V. Semester
N. Ostojić-Škomrlj Construction Management I GAL122 30+30 5,0
D. Matešan Bridges GAE221 30+30 6,0
M. Galešić, V. Srzić Marine Structures GAK221 30+30 6,0
D. Jukić Water Protection GAJ122 30+30 5,0
I. Balić, H. Smoljanović Building Regulations GAP021 30+00 3,0
N. Jajac Basics of Entrepreneurship GAL021 30+30 5,0
VI. Semester
N. Ostojić-Škomrlj Construction Management II GAL123 30+30 5,0
N. Jajac Internship GAL221   5,0
  Elective Courses (min 15 ECTS)      
  Final Work GAX221   5,0
Elective Courses
J. Zanchi Building Design GAM121 30+30 5,0
M. Galić, I. Banović Installations GAM122 30+15 4,0
P. Miščević, G. Vlastelica Retaining structures and construction pits GAG029 30+30 5,0
D. Bojanić Tunnels and Underground Structures GAH221 30+30 5,0
B. Trogrlić Execution of Building Works GAP221 50+10 5,0
N. Jajac Basics of Business Economy GAL022 30+0 2,0
I. Škarica English Language GAA022 30+30 5,0
G. Baloević, N. Grgić High - performance and ultra-high performance concrete structures GAN023 30+30 5,0
G. Baloevć, G. Vlastelica Laboratory and field tests of geomaterials GAN022 30+30 5,0