Specialized Laboratory Unit ‐ Laboratory for Implementing Contemporary Technologies in Architecture



The Contemporary Architectural Technologies Laboratory is equipped with a number of different cutting‐edge devices and computer programs that enable a spectrum of research, spanning from the design process to the production and construction of buildings.

Exploring the implementation of modern materials and technologies in architecture focuses on the possibilities of modern technologies in all process phases, from the design process to the production, construction, and recycling processes. The research examines the effects that can be achieved, the shapes that can be produced, and other characteristics of modern materials. In the field of architectural heritage protection, research on the implementation of modern technologies and materials serves to examine the properties and cost-effectiveness of the application of advanced and the possibilities of improving conventional materials and technologies. Computer simulations and data management address the capabilities of advanced computer spatial simulations. This includes digital processes related to spatial planning and management of the territory, transport and infrastructure systems, research related to construction, design of new buildings and structures based on parametric design, and observation of the existing built fund.