Projects with Private and Public Sector

FGAG bridges the gap between science and real sector by collaborating with both private and public sector through research, development and innovation activities.

  • Web-based Decision Support for Incident Situation in the Adriatic Sea (WDS-ISAS) State-of-the-art Web application called WDS-ISAS (currently under development and application is being tested by Croatian Coast Guard; project developed under UNIST-FGAG research activities funded my Ministry of Science, Education and Sports) (
  • The Fisheries Geo-information System (GISR) - Surveillance, control and monitoring of the fishing vessels by application of the geo­graphic information system (GIS) for the supervision, control and monitoring of the mobile objects by application of the GPS technology, financed by Ministry of agriculture of Croatia, 2010.
  • Determination of refuge for ships in distress, financed by Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of Croatia, 2006-2009.
  • Analysis of mixing processes in surface watercourses, 2005, financed by Croatian Waters
  • Analysis of waste oils and oily water pretreatment processes and procedures, 2005, funded by BICRO – Development of Knowledge-Based Enterprises (RAZUM)
  • Multicriterial analysis of cost-efficiency and selection of optimum locations for small hydropower plants – Production area HE Jug, 2005, financed by HEP
  • Analysis of the spread of reactive transport of injected waste from oil mining into deep heterogeneous geological formations, 2005, financed by INA d.d.