Turnitin is an American paper authentication software.

This software is intended for teachers and mentors as a tool to facilitate the verification of the originality of student papers and for students themselves as a tool for self-checking.

Following the Instructions, by uploading the paper to the Turnitin system, and specifying several parameters, the system generates a Similarity Report, which shows the possible identity or similarity of parts of the text with the text found in one or more sources used by the software, namely:

  • Internet
  • over 178 million articles from scientific journals
  • a database of documents collected by the software 
  • additional sources (e.g. Dabar, Hrčak)

The software is accessed by selecting the following link: Login to Turnitin

You register using electronic identities from the AAI@EduHr system.

Useful links


Short animations have been prepared that, along with the already existing instructions, will facilitate the work of teachers and students.

For customer support, please contact the Turnitin institution administrator at nikolina.skoric@gradst.hr, turnitin@gradst.hr