Undergraduate University Study of Geodesy and Geoinformatics


Undergraduate University Study of Geodesy and Geoinformatics is carried out at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy of the University of Split and lasts for three years (six semesters).

Upon the completion of Undergraduate University Study of Geodesy and Geoinformatics a Bachelor's degree (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) in Geodesy and Geoinformatics is awarded.

A University Bachelor in Geodesy and Geoinformatics possess the following skills and competencies:

  • To evaluate measurement methods, technologies, computation and visualisation of measurements and geospatial data.
  • To critically assess and to develop real estate registrations, land development actions and methods for land valuation.


  • To independently interpret the laws and regulations governing geodetic and geoinformatic tasks.
  • Recommend and apply mathematical and physical methods in solving non-standard geodetic and geoinformatic tasks.
  • To independently operate with and examine the validity of geodetic instruments and measuring accessories.
  • To perform geodetic measurements independently and evaluate their quality.
  • To plan and independently perform geodetic works on state survey, maintenance of real estate registrations, construction of buildings, valuation and real estate management.
  • To design and independently compose large and small scale maps and geospatial analysis.
  • To independently maintain geospatial databases and geographic information systems.
  • To propose the application of recently developed information technologies for the collection, processing and management of data.
  • To differentiate the sources and nature of errors in geodetic measurements or computer data processing and select the method for errors removal.
  • To communicate with parties and geodetic and related experts in the interpretation of regulations, standards and norms, interpretation of results, and prevention of possible misunderstandings.
  • To organize teamwork on jobs in office or field in cases where the task is more complex, has large volume or has long duration.
  • To evaluate and plan the professional development of team members in conditions of intensive development of technology and services, legal framework, and professional norms and standards.

Holders of this degree are encouraged to continue their education in the area of geodesy and geoinformatics or any other related discipline and to nurture the culture of lifelong learning and continuous professional development.

During Undergraduate University Study of Geodesy and Geoinformatics students acquire 180 ECTS credits.

Upon the completion of the undergraduate study level, candidates meet the entry requirements to Graduate University Studies of Geodesy and Geoinformatics.

Organisation of Study

Undergraduate University Study of Geodesy and Geoinformatics is carried out at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy of the University of Split.

The Curriculum is comprised of compulsory and elective courses and is adjusted to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) according to which 60 ECTS credits are acquired during one academic year.



Course Information Sheet for the actual academic year

Lecturer Course Code Hours ECTS
I. Semester
J. Sedlar Analytical geometry and linear algebra GAB031 30+30 5
S. Banić Mathematical analysis GAB032 30+30 5
N. Leder Physics GAB033 30+30 5
M. Baučić Basics of geoinformatics GAZ001 30+30 5
I. Racetin Geodetic instruments GAZ002 30+30 5
I. Racetin Engieneering graphics in geodesy and geoinformaics GAZ003 15+30 3
Elective Courses (min. 2 ECTS)
J. Sedlar, S. Pavasović Basics of computer science GAB034 15+15 2
T. Duplančić-Leder Introduction to geodesy GAZ004 30+0 2
II. Semester
M. Andrić, N. Lovričević Computer geometry GAC031 30+30 5
Lj. Šerić Programming GAB035 30+30 5
L. Radovniković, M. Zrinjski Land surveying GAZ005 30+60 5
M. Baučić Field measurments GAZ006 30+30 5
S. Ivelić Bradanović Bacisc of statistics GAB036 30+15 4
S. Ivelić Bradanović Vector analysis GAB037 30+15 3
Elective Courses (min. 3 ECTS)
V. Kukoč Introduction to architecture GAU001 30+0 3
S. Banić Spherical trigonometry GAB038 15+15 3
A. Mršić Zdilar Basics of professional English GAA032 15+15 3
III. Semester
M. Baučić Databases GAZ007 30+30 5
J. Sedlar Differential geometry GAB039 30+30 5
N. Rožić Analysis and processing of geodetic measurments GAZ008 30+45 5
Ž. Hećimović Geodetic maps GAZ009 30+30 5
J. Čizmić Principles of land registration law GAZ010 30+0 2
Elective Courses (min. 8 ECTS)
I. Racetin Topography GAZ011 30+0 3
D. Cvitanić Roads GAF121 30+30 5
Ž. Hećimović Professional practice out of the Faculty GAZ035 0+45 3
IV. Semester
I. Racetin Cartography GAZ012 30+30 5
Ž. Hećimović Geodetic reference frames GAZ013 30+30 5
M. Baučić Photogrammetry GAZ014 30+30 5
M. Roić Cadastre GAZ015 30+45 5
M. Baučić Geoinformation modelling GAZ016 30+30 5
Elective Courses (min. 5 ECTS)
I. Racetin Geoinformation quality GAZ017 30+30 5
I. Racetin Geoinformation management GAZ018 30+30 5
V. Semester
Ž. Bačić Satellite positioning GAZ019 30+30 5
Ž. Hećimović Engineering geodetic control GAZ020 30+30 5
T. Duplančić Leder Remote sensing GAZ021 30+30 5
Ž. Hećimović Land development GAZ022 30+30 5
I. Racetin Professional practice GAZ033 0+45 3
Elective Courses (min. 7 ECTS)
Ž. Hećimović Practical work with geodetic instruments GAZ024 15+15 2
I. Racetin Topographic cartography GAZ026 30+30 5
N. Jajac Business communication GAA031 15+15 2
T. Duplančić-Leder Land information services GAZ025 30+30 5
VI. Semester
R. Paar Engineering geodesy GAZ027 30+30 5
T. Bašić State survey GAZ028 30+30 5
M. Baučić Map projections GAZ029 30+30 5
T. Duplančić-Leder Hydrographic survey GAZ030 30+30 5
  Final exam GAZ050 0+30 2
Elective Courses (min. 8 ECTS)
V. Denić-Jukić Selected hydrological topics GAI021 15+15 3
Ž. Hećimović Geoinformation infrastructure GAZ031 30+30 5
N. Jajac Introduction to management GAL031 15+15 2
I. Racetin Web cartography GAZ032 15+15 3
J. Sedlar Discrete mathematics GAB040 30+30 5