Undergraduate Professional Study of Civil Engineering


Admission requirements (download brochure)

  • How many students are admitted to the study?
  • What are the admission requirements?
  • What is the candidate selection procedure?
  • Where can I continue my studies?
  • What can I do and what are my employment options after graduation?
  • Where and how to apply for the study?

The answers to these questions can be found in a brochure here.

Mia Raos, Student  of the Undergraduate Professional Study of Civil Engineering

Why did I apply for studying at FCEAG?

At the end of high-school I knew I wanted to study something that would intrigue me on a daily basis.

Civil engineering offers a wide range of opportunities in the future. It requires precision, teamwork and enables creative ideas in construction practice.

Although I did not fully understand what exactly civil engineering is at the beginning of study, I was already thrilled at the end of first semester. Each lecture offered a wide range of new and interesting information I did not think of before, so I began to understand more clearly the construction of buildings and the surrounding environment. The relationship between the professors and the students is relaxed and attentive, making it easier to study at this Faculty.

The speciality of my study is that the Professional Study programme offers employment opportunities after the completion of three years of study, as well as the possibility of further education at the Graduate Study.