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ASMOSIA XI, Interdisciplinary Studies on Ancient Stone, Proceedings of the XI International Conference of ASMOSIA

Autor: XI International Conference of ASMOSIA, Split, 18-22 May 2015
Nakladnik: University of Split, Arts Academy in Split ; University of Split, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy
Godina izdanja: 2018.
Cijena: 270,00 EUR / 2034,32 kn

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Daniela Matetić Poljak
Katja Marasović

Technical editor:
Kate Bošković

English language editor:
Graham McMaster

Computer pre-press:
Nikola Križanac

Cover design:
Mladen Čulić

Cover page:
Sigma shaped mensa of pavonazzetto marble from Diocletian’s Palace in Split

Nota bene
All papers are subjected to an international review.
The quality of the images relies on the quality of the originals provided by the authors.

ISBN 978-953-6617-49-4 (Arts Academy in Split)
ISBN 978-953-6116-75-1 (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy)
e-ISBN 978-953-6617-51-7 (Arts Academy in Split)
e-ISBN 978-953-6116-79-9 (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy)


CIP available at the digital catalogue of the University Library in Split, no. 170529005.




NECROLOGY: NORMAN HERZ (1923-2013) by Susan Kane (pp. 17)


Hermaphrodites and Sleeping or Reclining Maenads: Production Centres and Quarry Marks / Patrizio Pensabene (pp. 25-31)

First Remarks about the Pavement of the Newly Discovered Mithraeum of the Colored Marbles at Ostia and New Investigations on Roman and Late Roman White and Colored Marbles from Insula IV, ix / Massimiliano David, Stefano Succi and Marcello Turci (pp. 33-43)

Alabaster. Quarrying and Trade in the Roman World: Evidence from Pompeii and Herculaneum / Simon J. Barker and Simona Perna (pp. 45-64)

Recent Work on the Stone at the Villa Arianna and the Villa San Marco (Castellammare di Stabia) and Their Context within the Vesuvian Area / Simon J. Barker and J. Clayton Fant (pp. 65-78)

Marble Wall Decorations from the Imperial Mausoleum (4th C.) and the Basilica of San Lorenzo (5th C.) in Milan: an Update on Colored Marbles in Late Antique Milan / Elisabetta Neri, Roberto Bugini and Silvia Gazzoli (pp. 79-87)

Sarcophagus Lids Sawn from their Chests / Dorothy H. Abramitis and John J. Herrmann (pp. 89-94)

The Re-Use of Monolithic Columns in the Invention and Persistence of Roman Architecture / Peter D. De Staebler (pp. 95-100)

The Trade in Small-Size Statues in the Roman Mediterranean: a Case Study from Alexandria / Patrizio Pensabene and Eleonora Gasparini (pp. 101-108)

The Marble Dedication of Komon, Son of Asklepiades, from Egypt: Material, Provenance, and Reinforcement of Meaning / Patricia A. Butz (pp. 109-116)

Multiple Reuse of Imported Marble Pedestals at Caesarea Maritima in Israel / Barbara Burrell (pp. 117-122)

Iasos and Iasian Marble between the Late Antique and Early Byzantine Eras / Diego Peirano (pp. 123-130)

Thassos, Known Inscriptions with New Dana / Tony Kozelj and Manuela Wurch-Kozelj (pp. 131-141)

The Value of Marble in Roman Hispalis: Contextual, Typological and Lithological Analysis of an Assemblage of Large Architectural Elements Recovered at Nº 17 Goyeneta Street (Seville, Spain) / Ruth Taylor, Oliva Rodríguez, Esther Ontiveros, María Luisa Loza, José Beltrán and Araceli Rodríguez (pp. 143-153)

Giallo Antico in Context. Distribution, Use and Commercial Actors According to New Stratigraphic Data from the Western Mediterranean (2nd C. Bc – Late 1st C. Ad) / Stefan Ardeleanu (pp. 155-165)

Amethystus: Ancient Properties and Iconographic Selection / Luigi Pedroni (pp. 167-171)


Unraveling the Carrara – Göktepe Entanglement / Walter Prochaska, Donato Attanasio and Matthias Bruno (pp. 175-183)

The Marble of Roman Imperial Portraits / Donato Attanasio, Matthias Bruno, Walter Prochaska and Ali Bahadir Yavuz (pp. 185-194)

Tracing Alabaster (Gypsum or Anhydrite) Artwork Using Trace Element Analysis and a Multi-Isotope Approach (Sr, S, O) / Lise Leroux, Wolfram Kloppmann, Philippe Bromblet, Catherine Guerrot, Anthony H. Cooper, Pierre-Yves Le Pogam, Dominique Vingtain and Noel Worley (pp. 195-206)

Roman Monolithic Fountains and Thasian Marble / Annewies van den Hoek, Donato Attanasio and John J. Herrmann (pp. 207-214)

Archaeometric Analysis of the Alabaster Thresholds of Villa A, Oplontis (Torre Annunziata, Italy) and New Sr and Pb Isotopic Data for Alabastro Ghiaccione del Circeo / Simon J. Barker, Simona Perna, J. Clayton Fant, Lorenzo Lazzarini and Igor M. Villa (pp. 215-229)

Roman Villas of Lake Garda and the Occurrence of Coloured Marbles in the Western Part of “Regio X Venetia et Histria” (Northern Italy) / Roberto Bugini, Luisa Folli and Elisabetta Roffia (pp. 231-238)

Calcitic Marble from Thasos in the North Adriatic Basin: Ravenna, Aquileia, and Milan / John J. Herrmann, Robert H. Tykot and Annewies van den Hoek (pp. 239-246)

Characterisation of White Marble Objects from the Temple of Apollo and the House of Augustus (Palatine Hill, Rome) / Francesca Giustini, Mauro Brilli, Enrico Gallocchio and Patrizio Pensabene (pp. 247-253)

Study and Archeometric Analysis of the Marble Elements Found in the Roman Theater at Aeclanum (Mirabella Eclano, Avellino - Italy) / Antonio Mesisca, Lorenzo Lazzarini, Stefano Cancelliere and Monica Salvadori (pp. 255-266)

Two Imperial Monuments in Puteoli: Use of Proconnesian Marble in the Domitianic and Trajanic Periods in Campania / Irene Bald Romano, Hans Rupprecht Goette, Donato Attanasio and Walter Prochaska (pp. 267-273)

Coloured Marbles in the Neapolitan Pavements (16th And 17th Centuries): the Church of Santi Severino e Sossio / Roberto Bugini, Luisa Folli and Martino Solito (pp. 275-280)

Roman and Early Byzantine Sarcophagi of Calcitic Marble from Thasos in Italy: Ostia and Siracusa / Donato Attanasio, John J. Herrmann, Robert H. Tykot and Annewies van den Hoek (pp. 281-290)

Revisiting the Origin and Destination of the Late Antique Marzamemi ‘Church Wreck’ Cargo / Justin Leidwanger, Scott H. Pike and Andrew Donnelly (pp. 291-299)

The Marbles of the Sculptures of Felix Romuliana in Serbia / Walter Prochaska and Maja Živić (pp. 301-310)

Calcitic Marble from Thasos and Proconnesos in Nea Anchialos (Thessaly) and Thessaloniki (Macedonia) / Vincent Barbin, John J. Herrmann, Aristotle Mentzos and Annewies van den Hoek (pp. 311-320)

Architectural Decoration of the Imperial Agora’s Porticoes at Iasos / Fulvia Bianchi, Donato Attanasio and Walter Prochaska (pp. 321-330)

The Winged Victory of Samothrace - New Data on the Different Marbles Used for the Monument from the Sanctuary of the Great Gods / Annie Blanc, Philippe Blanc and Ludovic Laugier (pp. 331-335)

Polychrome Marbles from the Theatre of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios in Gortyna (Crete) / Jacopo Bonetto, Nicolò Mareso and Michele Bueno (pp. 337-344)

Paul the Silentiary, Hagia Sophia, Onyx, Lydia, and Breccia Corallina / John J. Herrmann and Annewies van den Hoek (pp. 345-349)

Incrustations from Colonia Ulpia Traiana (Near Modern Xanten, Germany) / Vilma Ruppienė and Ulrich Schüssler (pp. 351-361)

Stone Objects from Vindobona (Austria) – Petrological Characterization and Provenance of Local Stone in a Historico-Economical Setting / Andreas Rohatsch, Michaela Kronberger, Sophie Insulander, Martin Mosser and Barbara Hodits (pp. 363-372)

Marbles Discovered on the Site of the Forum of Vaison-la-Romaine (Vaucluse, France): Preliminary Results / Elsa Roux, Jean-Marc Mignon, Philippe Blanc and Annie Blanc (pp. 373-378)

Updated Characterisation of White Saint-Béat Marble. Discrimination Parameters from Classical Marbles / Hernando Royo Plumed, Pilar Lapeunte, José Antonio Cuchí, Mauro Brilli and Marie-Claire Savin (pp. 379-389)

Grey and Greyish Banded Marbles from the Estremoz Anticline in Lusitania / Pilar Lapuente, Trinidad Nogales-Basarrate, Hernando Royo Plumed, Mauro Brilli and Marie-Claire Savin (pp. 391-399)

New Data on Spanish Marbles: the Case of Gallaecia (NW Spain) / Anna Gutiérrez Garcia-M., Hernando Royo Plumed and Silvia González Soutelo (pp. 401-411)

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Imperial Porphyry in Roman Britain / David F. Williams (pp. 435-441)

Recycling of Marble: Apollonia/Sozousa/Arsuf (Israel) as a Case Study / Moshe Fischer, Dimitris Tambakopoulos and Yannis Maniatis (pp. 443-456)

Thasian Connections Overseas: Sculpture in the Cyrene Museum (Libya) Made of Dolomitic Marble from Thasos / John J. Herrmann and Donato Attanasio (pp. 457-466)

Marble on Rome’s Southwestern Frontier: Thamugadi and Lambaesis / Robert H. Tykot, Ouahiba Bouzidi, John J. Herrmann and Annewies van den Hoek (pp. 467-479)

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The Pentelic Marble in the Carnegie Museum of Art Hall of Sculpture, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Albert D. Kollar (pp. 491-500)

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Aphrodisias and the Regional Marble Trade. The Scaenae Frons of the Theatre at Nysa / Natalia Toma (pp. 513-521)

The Stones of Felix Romuliana (Gamzigrad, Serbia) / Bojan Djurić, Divna Jovanović, Stefan Pop Lazić and Walter Prochaska (pp. 523-536)

Aspects of Characterisation of Stone Monuments from Southern Pannonia / Branka Migotti (pp. 537-543)

The Budakalász Travertine Production / Bojan Djurić, Sándor Kele and Igor Rižnar (pp. 545-556)

Stone Monuments from Carnuntum and Surrounding Areas (Austria) – Petrological Characterization and Quarry Location in a Historical Context / Gabrielle Kremer, Isabella Kitz, Beatrix Moshammer, Maria Heinrich and Erich Draganits (pp. 557-565)

Espejón Limestone and Conglomerate (Soria, Spain): Archaeometric Characterization, Quarrying and Use in Roman Times / Virginia García-Entero, Anna Gutiérrez Garcia-M, Sergio Vidal Álvarez, María J. Peréx Agorreta and Eva Zarco Martínez (pp. 567-576)

The Use of Alcover Stone in Roman Times (Tarraco, Hispania Citerior). Contributions to the Officina Lapidaria Tarraconensis / Diana Gorostidi Pi, Jordi López Vilar and Anna Gutiérrez Garcia-M. (pp. 577-582)


Grainautline – a Supervised Grain Boundary Extraction Tool Supported by Image Processing and Pattern Recognition / Kristóf Csorba, Lilla Barancsuk, Balázs Székely and Judit Zöldföldi (pp. 587-595)

A Database and GIS Project about Quarrying, Circulation and Use of Stone During the Roman Age in Regio X - Venetia et Histria. The Case Study of the Euganean Trachyte / Caterine Previato and Arturo Zara (pp. 597-609)


The Distribution of Troad Granite Columns as Evidence for Reconstructing the Management of Their Production / Patrizio Pensabene, Javier Á. Domingo and Isabel Rodà (pp. 613-620)

Ancient Quarries and Stonemasonry in Northern Choria Considiana / Hale Güney (pp. 621-631)

Polychromy in Larisaean Quarries and its Relation to Architectural Conception / Gizem Mater and Ertunç Denktaş (pp. 633-638)

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The Stone and Ancient Quarries of Montjuïc Mountain (Barcelona, Spain) / Aureli Álvarez (pp. 693-698)

Notae Lapicidinarum: Preliminary Considerations about the Quarry Marks from the Provincial Forum of Tarraco / Maria Serena Vinci (pp. 699-710)

The Different Steps of the Rough-Hewing on a Monumental Sculpture at the Greek Archaic Period: the Unfinished Kouros of Thasos / Danièle Braunstein (pp. 711-716)

A Review of Copying Techniques in Greco-Roman Sculpture / Séverine Moureaud (pp. 717-731)

Labour Forces at Imperial Quarries / Ben Russell (pp. 733-739)

Social Position of Craftsmen inside the Stone and Marble Processing Trades in the Light of Diocletian’s Edict on Prices / Krešimir Bosnić and Branko Matulić (pp. 741-745)


Methods of Consolidation and Protection of Pentelic Marble / Maria Apostolopoulou, Elissavet Drakopoulou, Maria Karoglou and Asterios Bakolas (pp. 749-759)


Painting and Sculpture Conservation in Two Gallo-Roman Temples in Picardy (France): Champlieu and Pont-Sainte-Maxence / Véronique Brunet-Gaston and Christophe Gaston (pp. 763-771)

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New Evidence for Ancient Gilding and Historic Restorations on a Portrait of Antinous in the San Antonio Museum of Art / Jessica Powers, Mark Abbe, Michelle Bushey and Scott H. Pike (pp. 783-792)

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Marble Sarcophagi of Roman Dalmatia Material – Provenance – Workmanship / Guntram Koch (pp. 809-825)

Funerary Monuments and Quarry Management in Middle Dalmatia / Nenad Cambi (pp. 827-838)

Marble Revetments of Diocletian’s Palace / Katja Marasović and Vinka Marinković (pp. 839-853)

The Use of Limestones as Construction Materials for the Mosaics of Diocletian’s Palace / Branko Matulić, Domagoj Mudronja and Krešimir Bosnić (pp. 855-861)

Restoration of the Peristyle of Diocletian’s Palace in Split / Goran Nikšić (pp. 863-870)

Marble Slabs Used at the Archaeological Site of Sorna near Poreč Istria – Croatia / Đeni Gobić-Bravar (pp. 871-877)

Ancient Marbles from the Villa in Verige Bay, Brijuni Island, Croatia / Mira Pavletić and Đeni Gobić-Bravar (pp. 879-886)

Notes on Early Christian Ambos and Altars in the Light of some Fragments from the Islands of Pag and Rab / Mirja Jarak (pp. 887-897)

The Marbles in the Chapel of the Blessed John of Trogir in the Cathedral of St. Lawrence at Trogir / Đeni Gobić-Bravar and Daniela Matetić Poljak (pp. 899-913)

The Use of Limestone in the Roman Province of Dalmatia / Edisa Lozić and Igor Rižnar (pp. 915-923)

The Extraction and Use of Limestone in Istria in Antiquity / Klara Buršić-Matijašić and Robert Matijašić (pp. 925-931)

Aurisina Limestone in the Roman Age: from Karst Quarries to the Cities of the Adriatic Basin / Caterina Previato (pp. 933-939)

The Remains of Infrastructural Facilities of the Ancient Quarries on Zadar Islands (Croatia) / Mate Parica (pp. 941-949)

The Impact of Local Geomorphological and Geological Features of the Area for the Construction of the Burnum Amphitheatre / Miroslav Glavičić and Uroš Stepišnik (pp. 951-956)

Roman Quarry Klis Kosa near Salona / Ivan Alduk (pp. 957-961)

Marmore Lavdata Brattia / Miona Miliša and Vinka Marinković (pp. 963-977)

Quarries of the Lumbarda Archipelago / Ivka Lipanović and Vinka Marinković (pp. 979-983)

Island of Korčula – Importer and Exporter of Stone in Antiquity / Mate Parica and Igor Borzić (pp. 985-993)

Faux Marbling Motifs in Early Christian Frescoes in Central and South Dalmatia: Preliminary Report / Tonči Borovac, Antonija Gluhan and Nikola Radošević (pp. 995-1007)