BICRO Projects


HAMAG-BICRO stands for Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments.

The Agency provides financial support to innovative and technology-oriented enterprises and institutions in Croatia by increasing commercialization of knowledge and awareness about the value of innovations, supporting the transfer of knowledge and technological solutions from the scientific sector to economy.

  • Experimental verification of possible application of stone pebbles for seismic base isolation of buildings, 2016-2017.

PoC Projects

Agency offer a pre-seed capital program known as PoC (Proof-of-Concept). This program is intended for financing ideas, concepts, prototypes and intellectual property protection. The emphasis is put on the technological risk, and the main criteria are market orientation and innovativeness.

  • Automatic recording and verification of specimens in rock mechanics (in Croatian: Automatsko snimanje i verifikacija uzoraka u mehanici stijena), project no. PoC5_6_51, 2014-2015 ( in Croatian)