Undergraduate University Study of Civil Engineering


Undergraduate University Study of Civil Engineering is carried out at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy of the University of Split and lasts for three years (six semesters).

Upon the completion of Undergraduate University Study of Civil Engineering a Bachelor's degree (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) in Civil Engineering is awarded.

A Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering:

  • acquires basic competences for working at certain tasks in civil engineering and the fundamental knowledge which allows him/her to enroll in graduate studies of civil engineering and various programmes of life-long learning/continuing education.
  • during the course of his/her studies he/she develops the competence in identifying and describing various problems in civil engineering and in solving them to a certain level.

  • acquires the competence in dimensioning simple engineering structures or parts of complex structures for static loads by using current computational tools for the design and development of technical documentation in the field of structures, hydrotechnics and transportation engineering.
  • acquires the competence in construction management and supervision of minor construction works as well as in planning, constructing, monitoring and maintaining larger structures when working as part of a team
  • has the competence for collaborative work in administrative services of public utilities, local goverenment and state administration.

During Undergraduate University Study of Civil Engineering students acquire 180 ECTS credits.

Upon the completion of the undergraduate study level, candidates meet the entry requirements to Graduate University Studies of Civil Engineering.

Organisation of Study

Undergraduate University Study of Civil Engineering is carried out at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy of the University of Split.

The Curriculum is comprised of compulsory and elective courses and is adjusted to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) according to which 60 ECTS credits are acquired during one academic year.



Course Information Sheet for the actual academic year

Lecturer Course Code Hours ECTS
I. Semester
J. Sedlar Mathematics I GAB001 60+60 10,0
N. Leder Physics GAB002 30+30 5,0
M. Andrić / N. Lovričević Descriptive Geometry GAC001 30+30 5,0
T. Vlahović Basics of Geology and Petrography GAG001 30+15 3,5
J. Sedlar Basics of Engineering Informatics GAB003 15+45 3,5
K. Marasović Introduction to Architecture GAU001 30+0 2,0
II. Semester
S. Banić Mathematics II GAB004 60+60 10,0
S. Ivelić Bradanović Probability and Statistics GAB005 30+30 5,0
N. Lovričević / M. Andrić Applied Geometry GAC002 30+30 5,0
Ž. Nikolić Mechanics I GAO001 30+45 6,0
T. Duplančić-Leder Geodesy GAF001 30+30 5,0
III. Semester
M. Nikolić Mechanics II GAD101 45+30 6,0
M. Galić Strength of Materials I GAR101 45+30 6,0
B. Trogrlić Building Statics I GAO101 30+30 5,0
S. Juradin Building Materials I GAN101 60+30 7,0
V. Denić-Jukić Hydrology GAI101 30+30 5,0
Elective courses        
S. Ivelić Bradanović Introduction to Programming GAB101 15+30 2,0
N. Jajac The Legislation Fundamentals in Construction GAA004 30+15 2,0
N. Jajac The Human Resource Management in Construction GAA005 30+15 2,0
IV. Semester
M. Galić Strength of Materials II GAR102 30+30 5,0
B. Trogrlić Building Statics II GAO102 45+30 6,0
D. Bojanić Hydromechanics GAH101 45+45 7,0
P. Miščević, N. Štambuk Cvitanović Soil Mechanics and Foundations GAG101 45+30 6,0
V. Perković-Jović Elements of Building Construction GAM001 30+30 5,0
V. Semester
A. Harapin, M. Smilović Zulim Basics of Concrete Structures GAE201 60+30 7,0
I. Boko, N. Torić Introduction to Timber Structures GAP201 30+30 5,0
N. Ostojić - Škomrlj Construction operations and equipment GAL001 30+15 4,0
I. Andrić Water Supply and Sewerage System GAJ201 30+30 5,0
N. Ostojić-Škomrlj Construction Management GAL101 45+15 5,0
D. Cvitanić, D. Breški Roads GAF101 30+30 5,0
VI. Semester
I. Boko Introduction to Metal Structures GAP202 45+30 6,0
  Elective courses (min. 18 ECTS)
  Final work GAX201   5,0
Elective Courses
 H. Gotovac Hydraulic Structures GAK201 30+30 5,0
J. Radnić, D. Matešan Bridges GAE202 30+30 5,0
V. Srzić, M. Galešić Divić Ports and Marine Structures GAK202 30+30 5,0
N. Jajac Internship I GAL003   2,0
S. Ivelić Bradanović Applied Mathematics GAB701 30+30 5,0
S. Juradin Building Materials II GAN701 30+30 5,0
N. Jajac Basics of Business Economy GAL002 30+0 3,0
I. Škarica English Language GAA001 15+15 2,0
P. Miščević, G. Vlastelica Soil in construction GAG702 30+30 5,0